Doula Services

Supporting you and your family through labour birth and postpartum


I strongly believe that everybody has the right to give birth exactly as they imagined, in a calm, peaceful environment, being fully supported and care for.

A Doula will help you design and achieve your dream birth. Her knowledge and experience will give you the support you and your family needs through labour, birth and postpartum period.

My goal is to support, educate and empower you so when the time will come to give birth you will be physically and mentally prepared to have the birth that you want.

What is a Doula?

A Doula offers professional support for women during their childbearing years. There are postpartum doulas that assist new families in adapting to the rigors of a new baby, as well as labour and antenatal doulas that help mothers to obtain the type of birth experience they are seeking. Some doulas provide all of these services, while others only perform one or the other.

The term doula comes from a Greek term meaning "servant". In the 1970s it was coined as a word for professional support provided by a female attendant during birth. Using a doula has become more common in recent years. Today most women have at least heard about doulas and probably know someone who has used one. 

Acupuncture before and during labour

Acupuncture can reduce the level of medical interventions such as induction, forces of delivery and caesarian sections.

If you find yourself going past the due date, Acupuncture can help naturally induce labour, allowing women to achieve a non-medicated birth (no need of medical intervention).

However, it is always best to start your preparation early on and not wait for the last minute.

During labour, Acupuncture is proven to:
reduce the level of medical intervention during birth such as induction, forceps delivery, and caesarian section.
Helps the dilatation process
increase the strength of contractions
decrease the level of pain
speeds up the labour
Preparation is key. The earlier you start during the pregnancy, the more time your body will have to adjust and find its optimal balance.

My Birth Doula Service

As a Doula, I will provide a caring, nurturing and supportive environment for you and your partner. I will remain by your side throughout your labour and birth, however long it might be.

Through my antenatal classes, I will offer supportive dialogue to enable you to make the best decisions for your birthing experience. We will discuss your vision for your baby's birth and help you write your birth plan.

My Easy Birth Plan:

A full Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnostic session for the mother

Dietary and lifestyle advice personalised to your diagnostic

3 antenatal sessions for you and your partner to better understand the birthing process and what to expect from the first signs of labour, through to delivery and post birth.

Help with writing and deciding your Bespoke Birth Plan

Two hypnobirthing sessions (visualisation, breathing, moving techniques to best mentally and physically prepare you for birth)

24/7 on-call from weeks 38

4 complementary induction acupuncture sessions from week 38 in preparation for birth

The Birth (hospital or home) ​​

Create the peaceful and quiet atmosphere you wanted

Comfort and support you through, with breathing technics and visualisation exercises

At crucial times offer acupuncture, herbal medicine and massage sessions as required during birth​

Advocate your Birth Plan with the hospital staff

Emotional support for your partner

I will offer my support and remain by your side from your first contractions through delivering the baby , for as long as you will need me.

Two postnatal sessions (1 hours each) to reflect on your birthing experience

Two acupuncture sessions recovery after birth 'Closing the bone'

Breastfeeding support 2 hours

Phone support

My Postnatal Doula Services

Working together, we can speed up the mother's recovery after birth, the breastfeeding process, baby's feeding and digestive patterns,

My service will provide home sessions for mother and baby:
Mother's recovery after birth ​​
as required we can use acupuncture session, massage techniques, moxa, herbal medicine, dietary advice
Breastfeeding support (from 2 hour sessions to 12 to 24 hours support)
we will work on regulating the milk supply​
lacking techniques
dietary advice for the mother to avoid baby colics
Baby support
digestive issues​
feeding issues
boated belly
skin irritations, etc

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