Our Fees

Find below the cost of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Virtual Consultations

30 Mins

Let's have a chat and see how best we can help you and address your conditions.
1 Month
Programme includes:

An initial consultation and diagnosis

Personalised lifestyle and dietary advice

A bespoke herbal prescription

Weekly follow-ups

Final assessment session

Continuous contact and feedback


30 mins
Introduction to acupuncture

Non-personalized session to help you relax and unwind and activate your immune system
2 hours
Personalised 1-hour consultation aimed at understanding your current health conditions and medical history, your goals and what to expect from future sessions. 1 hour acupuncture session
50 mins

Follow up acupuncture session
50 mins £80

Packages and Add-ons

5 Acupuncture Sessions - £350

10 Acupuncture Sessions - £700

Cupping - £20
Gua Sha - £20
Personalised Herbal Prescription - £145 (1 month)

Acupuncture and herbs do wonderful things for women’s health. Chinese medicine considers a healthy menstrual cycle to be the basis of a young woman’s health and treats short cycles, long cycles, PMS, excessive cramping and other issues. For menopause, Chinese medicine offers relief from hot flashes and other symptoms. Acupuncture is especially good at stimulating hormonal conditions. Acupuncture and herbs can provide the relief you need.

Book Free 30 min Virtual Consultation.

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